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       In ancient times, there was a man who wished that the seedlings in his fields grew faster and went to the fields every day to see them.?


       However, one day, two days, three days, seedlings do not seem to grow at all.?


       "I have to find a way to help them grow up," he said to himself.?


       One day, he finally thought of a way, and rushed to the fields, pulling up the seedlings one by one. From noon till sunset, I was exhausted.?


       When he returned home, he gasped and said to his son, "But I'm exhausted and my strength is not in vain. The seedlings have grown a lot."?


       His son did not understand what was going on. He ran into the field and saw that all the seedlings were dead.













       Amazing the World with a Single FeatIn the Warring States Period, Duke Wei of Qi neglected state affairs, for the first three years of his reign, giving himself over to dissipation. One of his minister, Chun Yukun who had a good sense of humour, said to him:”There is a big bird which has neigher taken wing nor sung for three years.” The duke answered, “Once that bird starts to fly and sing, it will astonish the world.” The duke thereupon devoted himself to his duties and built his state up into a powerful one.This idiom is used to indicate that a person may rise from obscurity and achieve greatness.战国时代,齐威王即位后作了三年国君,只顾享乐,不理政事。有个善于说笑话的人叫淳于髡,一天对齐威王说:“城里有一只大鸟,三年不飞也不叫,你知道这是什么道理?”齐威王说:“这鸟不飞则罢,一飞就冲天;不鸣则罢,一鸣就惊人。”在淳于髡的激发下,齐威王开始治理国家,取得很大成绩,齐国的声威一直保持了几十年。

成语故事 英文版


        Drawing a Snake and Adding Feet to It

        In the past a family in the State of Chu made sacrificial offers to their ancestors, and after that they rewarded the people who helped in the ceremony with the pot of wine used in it.


        There were many helpers but only one pot of wine. Who should drink it? Someone suggested:


        "Each person is to draw a snake on the ground. Whoever draws fastest and most lifelike will get the pot of wine."


        Everyone thought this was a good idea.


        One man drew very fast, finished it in the twinkling of an eye, and was given the pot of wine. At this moment, he saw that the others had not yet finished, so he wanted to flaunt his skill once more. He said proudly:


        "How slow you are! Let me add a few snake feet."


        Holding the wine pot in his left hand, he began to add feet to the finished snake with his right hand. When he was just adding feet to the snake, another man finished his drawing. He grabbed the wine pot at once, saying:


        "A snake has no feet. How could you add feet to it? The first one who finished drawing a snake is I, not you."


        Having said this, the man drank the wine with an easy conscience.



       掩耳盗铃Plugging One's Ears While Stealing a Bell





       Plugging One's Ears While Stealing a Bell

       During the Spring and Autumn period,Zhi Bo of the State of Jin destroyed Fan's family.Taking advantage of this occasion,a man went to Fan's house and tried to steal something.As soon as the man entered the gate,he saw that there hung a big bell in the courtyard.The bell was cast in high-quality bronza,and was beautiful in design and shape.The theif was very glad,and decided to carry this beautiful bell back home.But no matter how hard he tried,he could not move the bell,because the bell was both big and heavy.He thought and thought again,and believed there was only one way to solve the problem.He had to break the bell to pieces before he was able to carry them back to his home separately.

       The thief found a big iron hammer,with which he struck the bell with all his might.The striking produced an enormous crashing sound,which might.The striking produced an enormous crashing sound,which made the thief terribly frightened.The thief got flurried,thinking that it was too bad to have produced the crashiing sound which would himself on the bell,trying to muffle the crashing sound with his arms.But how could the crashing sound of the bell be muffled?The crashing sound still kept drifting melodiously to distant places.The more he listened to the sound,the more frightened hw became.He xubconsciously shrank back,and covered his ears hard with his hands."Hey,the sound becomes fainter,inaudible,"the thief became cheerful at once," wonderful!The sound of the bell can not be heard when the ears are covered."He immediately got some odd bits of cloth,made two rolls with them,and had his ears plugged with the two cloth rolls.He thought that in this way nobody could hear the sound of the bell.Feeling relieved,he began striking the bell,one blow after another.The resounding sound of the bell was heard at distant places,and finally people caught the thief by gracing the sound.

       This story comes from"Knowing Yourself" in The Annals by Buwei,written just before the Qin Dynasty(221-207 B.C.)was founded.Allegedly,when Li Yuan,Emperor Gao Zu of the Tang Dynasty(618-907),read this story,he felt it simply ridiculous and said,"This is what is called plugging one's ears while stealing a bell."

       Later,people have used the set phrase "plugging one's ears while stealing a bell" to refer to the ignorance and foolishness of the person who deceives himself as well as others.


       塞翁失马Blessing or Bane










       Near China's northern borders lived a man well versed in the practices of Taoism. His horse, for no reason at all, got into the territory of the northern tribes. Everyone commiserated with him.

       "Perhaps this will soon turn out to be a blessing," said his father.

       After a few months, his animal came back, leading a fine horse from the north. Everyone congratulated him.

       "Perhaps this will soon turn out to be a cause of misfortune," said his father.

       Since he was well-off and kept good horses his son became fond of riding and eventually broke his thigh bone falling from a horse. Everyone commiserated with him.

       "Perhaps this will soon turn out to be a blessing," said his father.

       One year later, the northern tribes started a big invasion of the border regions. All able-bodied young men took up arms and fought against the invaders, and as a result, around the border nine out of ten men died. This man's son did not join in the fighting because he was crippled and so both the boy and his father survived.



       In the Spring and Autumn Period, a farmer in the State of Song was one day working in the fields when he saw a rabbit bump into a tree stump(树桩) accidentally and break its neck.?


       The farmer took the rabbit home, and cooked himself a delicious meal. That night he thought, 'I needn't work so hard. All I have to do is wait for a rabbit each day by the stump.'?


       So from then on he gave up farming, and simply sat by the stump waiting for rabbits to come and run into it.


       寓意:This idiom satirizes(讽刺,挖苦) those who just wait for a stroke of luck, rather than making efforts to obtain what they need.





       1. 把中国的四字成语故事翻译成英语


        Making His Mark (Ke Zhou Qiu Jian)

        A man from the state of Chu was crossing a river. In the boat, his sword fell into the water. Immediately he made a mark on the boat.

        "This is where my sword fell off," he said.

        When the boat stopped moving, he went into the water to look for his sword at the place where he had marked the boat.


        The boat had moved but the sword had not. Is this not a very foolish way to look for a sword?


        A man of the state of Chu had a spear and a shield for sale. He was loud in his praise of his shield. "My shield is so strong that nothing can pierce it through." He also sang praises of his spear. "My spear is so strong that it can pierce through anything." "What would happen," he was asked, "if your spear is used to pierce your shield?" It is impossible for an imperable shield to coexist with a spear that finds nothing imperable. n0 d9 p Z+ x/ M


        很久以前,楚国有个卖兵器的人,在市场上卖矛和盾。为了让人家愿意买他的货,他先举起盾向人们夸口道:“我的盾是世上最坚固的盾,任何锋利的东西都不能刺穿它。”接着又举起他的矛,向人吹嘘说:“你们再看看我的矛,它锋利无比,无坚不摧”人群中有人问道:“依你的说法,那就拿你的矛来刺你的盾吧,看看结果怎么样?” 卖兵器的人听了张口结舌,无从回答,只好拿着矛和盾走了。

2. 七下册四至六单元的四字成语带翻译语文ppt


        发 音 tàn wéi guān zhǐ

        释 义 叹:赞赏;观止:看够指赞美所见事物极点

        语名称戛止 语拼音jiá rán ér zhǐ 语解释声音突终止 (戛:拟声词

        本色行 读音 běn sè dāng háng 解释 做本行事绩十显著本色:物品原颜色; :助词应;行:háng连续贯穿 形容应保持原本色现用指做本行事绩十显著容嘹亮鸟鸣声;形容声音突止)



        进退维谷 (jìn tuì wéi gǔ)


        词语:毛骨悚 拼音:máo gǔ sǒng rán 英文:Horror 俄文:Ужас


        悚:恐惧身毛发竖起脊梁骨发冷形容十恐惧 毛:发汗毛;骨:指脊背;悚:害怕毛发竖起;脊骨透寒形容非恐惧惊骇

        语伦 ( yǔ wú lún cì ) to talk nonsensibally 伦:条理 讲乱没条理

        lüè shèng yī chóu 略 胜 筹

        比较起略微些筹:筹码古代用计数工具用竹制 褒义


        稍微点点 谦辞

        尽态极妍 发音 jìn tài jí yán 释义1.容貌姿态美丽娇艳极点 2.使仪态丽质充显示







        解 释: 指两或两件事物互相配合使双能力、作用处能充展示益更加;彰显著 用 偏式;作谓语;含褒义、



3. 帮帮忙,把下面6个句子翻译成英语

        1, I fot to let you to munity service center.

        2, in checking machine before switch off the power supply is very important.

        3 and I don't know where I can find this button.

        4, fortunately, we had no more work to do.

        5, Helen nice to be seen China more than 20 provinces, municipalities.

        6, her career, now the biggest wish is married and have children.

4. 文学作品中描写人物的四字词,最好带英文翻译


        坚持不懈 锲而不舍 滴水穿石 持之以恒 绳锯木断 坚韧不拔


        一表人才、风度翩翩,大腹便便,膀大腰园、披头散发、虎背熊腰、衣冠楚楚、相貌堂堂 、眉清目秀 、容光焕发 、美如冠玉 、冰清玉洁明眸皓齿 沉鱼落雁 道貌岸然 秀色可餐 国色天香 粉白黛黑 靡颜腻理 傅粉施朱 婀娜多姿 衣冠楚楚 亭亭玉立 雾鬓风鬟 鹤发童颜 鹤发鸡皮短小精悍 面黄肌瘦 面如土色 面红耳赤 面有菜色 蓬头垢面 囚首垢面 蓬头历齿 鸠形鹄面 铜筋铁骨 肠肥脑满 骨瘦如柴 药店飞龙大腹便便、健步如飞描写外貌的成语:闭月羞花 沉鱼落雁 出水芙蓉 明眸皓齿 美如冠玉 倾国倾城 国色天香 鹤发童颜 眉清目秀 和蔼可亲 心慈面善张牙舞爪 愁眉苦脸 冰清玉洁 雍容华贵 文质彬彬 威风凛凛 老态龙钟 虎背熊腰 如花似玉 容光焕发


        健步如飞 扭头就跑 定睛一看 侧耳细听 冥思苦想 步履矫健 拔腿就跑

        目不转睛 听得入迷 挖空心思 大步流星 连蹦带跳 凝神注视 道听途说

        飞檐走壁 东奔西窜 怒目而视 大摇大摆 横冲直撞 左顾右盼 步履艰难

        飞似得跑 东张西望 一瘸一拐 奔走如飞 挤眉弄眼 匍匐前进 上窜下跳

        瞻前顾后 蹑手蹑脚 举目远望 步履轻盈 极目了望 走马看花 虎视眈眈












        耳不旁听 扼腕兴嗟 意气自如 似醉如痴 如醉如狂 如痴如狂 丰度翩翩 怆天呼地 悠闲自在 自在:无拘无束。形容神态从容,无拘无束。

        悠然自得 雍容雅步


        水天一色、郁郁葱葱、青山绿水 、山青水秀、湖光山色、江山如画 、春暖花开、春雨绵绵、桃红李白、百花争艳、春光明媚、桃红柳绿、蜂飞蝶舞、春意盎然、万紫千红、万物复苏、含苞欲放、花枝招展、五彩斑斓、桃红柳绿